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We seek talent to help us build the largest Artificial Intelligence company in the world. If you love technology and are looking for a high performance environment that emphasizes continuous learning, join us!

We believe that, through focus and dedication, humans can become true “learning machines”, with a very high capacity to absorb new information and exceptional intelligence. Therefore, we encourage continuous daily learning and mutual exchange of experiences between our teams. Our commitment is simple: if you come to work to make CyberLabs grow, CyberLabs is committed to working to make you grow.

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Our offices are truly “home offices”

Currently our working method is completely remote. We have employees located in the most diverse parts of the world. From San Francisco, California, to Maceió, Alagoas, our minds are connected. Join our culture and accents team.

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Our values are the pillars of our culture. They are the guide for how we act and also the guide with which we evaluate, reward and seek talent. We believe that our values are the most important foundation of our organization.



The main function of a leader is to ensure the performance of the people on his or her team. Human performance is having the discipline to face the big challenges; it is dreaming of excellence – and getting there; it is taking care of people and making sure they are growing and happy.


Curiosity and continuous learning are inherent traits of everyone who has ever built something great. Learning and teaching open the mind and show us the wise path to follow.


Transparency saves time, avoids rework, and shows integrity. Being transparent is knowing how to share honestly, and valuing the intelligence and perspectives of other team members.


It is impossible to innovate without looking at the same problem from different angles. Diversity enriches the debate and brings new points of view that allow us to be more and more inventive.


Autonomy and trust go hand in hand. Ownership is to act ethically, to communicate clearly, and to deliver as agreed. It is, also, to be free.

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At Cyberlabs, we believe diversity is essential for innovation. We encourage everyone to explore opportunities with us.

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