dfndr enterprise: cybersecurity powered by Artificial Intelligence

dfndr enterprise is the solution that combats corporate data leaks through Artificial Intelligence. Developed by PSafe, the solution protects devices, ensures network security, monitors data leaks, and analyzes vulnerabilities on websites, and across the entire corporate infrastructure mapped on the Internet.

Protection and privacy for your company data

dfndr enterprise can be used on employees’ computers, cell phones, and tablets in their daily work.

The blocking of virtual threats is done automatically by A.I., which guarantees security for your data and total privacy when browsing.

Know when your company has suffered a data leak
Our solution constantly monitors the Dark Web, Deep Web and Open Internet, looking for your company’s leaked credentials (logins and passwords).
Solution made by Brazilians, for Brazilians
We have the largest and most comprehensive database of digital threats in Latin America, and we’re immediately familiar with the most prevalent scams in the country. In comparison, foreign tools take an average of 24 hours to detect typical Brazilian phishing scams.
Minimize LGPD fines and penalties
With the use of dfndr enterprise, your company mitigates the risks of a data leakage, in addition to substantially reducing the fines and penalties arising from any violation of the LGPD.

3 out of 4 Brazilian companies have data leaks

Analysis made through the tool, Leakage Checker, from dfndr enterprise, shows that 75% of the companies that used our A.I based solution, discovered that they had already been victims of leaks. Exposed corporate data leaves companies vulnerable to intrusion and hacker attacks.

The only cybersecurity solution in Brazil with ransomware insurance included

PSafe, the cybersecurity unit of the CyberLabs Group, and AIG, one of the world leaders in the insurance field, offer dfndr enterprise customers coverage and indemnification in case of infections by ransomware attack. AIG Cyber Insurance covers incidents in case of ransomware infection for devices with dfndr enterprise protection activated, in the amount of up to R$1 million*.

This ransomware insurance is now available, at no extra cost, to all companies with more than 300 devices protected monthly by dfndr enterprise — subject to review and approval by the insurer. Companies with fewer active devices can purchase Cyber insurance directly from AIG, with a 20% discount* for being dfndr enterprise customers.

¹ Subject to all terms and conditions of the offer and formal policy. Always consult the version of the General Conditions for the specific product for complete information
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